Our Services

We utilize traditional chiropractic care, or “hands on” adjusting to help improve range of motion, reduce or eliminate pain, and help restore normal nervous system function.

Chiropractic gets great results with many conditions, but most often patients visit us with headaches, neck and back pain. Wondering if chiropractic care can help your condition? Schedule a consult with Dr. Kuns today!

Massage Therapy
Massage therapy works wonders on stress reduction along with improving circulation and improving the quality of your muscles. Utilized with chiropractic care and the results are amazing.

Dr. Kuns brought massage therapy into the office to help speed up patient results and healing – he will work with the massage therapist to help you get the best results possible.

Spinal Decompression
A state-of-the-art therapy, spinal decompression aids our patients with more complicated spinal conditions such as spinal stenosis and disc hernations.

Spinal decompression helps us treat patients and get great results with conditions that used to be out of reach. Before opting for spinal surgery, try decompression therapy. During the initial consultation, Dr. Kuns will determine if you are a good candidate for this care.

Cold Laser Treatment
We use the Mr4 laser which utilizes superpulsed laser technology to provide deep penetrating treatment to injured areas. Cold laser treatment stimulates the soft tissues to increase healing speeds, decrease inflammation, relax muscle spasm, and reduce pain.