Meet The Team
at Kuns Chiropractic

Here’s the team you’ll meet when your arrive!

Jennifer Zimmerman

Started at Kuns Chiropractic as the Community outreach assistant in 2010. Her focus was on community education on the benefits of Chiropractic and massage. She then moved into the billing department and learned about how to make sure that patients are getting the best service they deserve not only from the doctors office but from their insurance companies. Recently she has taken on the task of scheduling and reception. She understands all aspects of the office now to best help patients with their needs.

Joan Chakwin

Licensed Massage Therapist
One of our fantastic massage therapists. She is extrodinarily qualified to work with injured patients and patient will all sorts of muscular disorders. She has multiple soft tissue techniques to choose from and has employed them in the large spa setting. We are very fortunate to have her expertise now in our Chiropractic office setting to help treat injured patients. Patients with injuries like cervical whiplash, carple tunnel and sciatica are hard pressed to find someone more qualified than Joan to work with them.

Corie Penwell

Licensed Massage Therapist
Corie grew up in Kennewick, WA and enjoys yoga, ballet, hiking, and snowboarding in her free time.
“I love massage because it’s a powerful healing tool that everyone can benefit from and it coincides with chiropractic so well to maximize relief.

The patients are so fantastic and genuinely motivated to better their lives that are my favorite thing about this office.